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08 November 2006 @ 03:24 pm
random ouran thingie bobber  

Title; Orphan Annie
Author; [info]january_blue 
Fandom; Ouran High School Host Club
Rating; K+ [PG], me thinks
Word Count; 864
Summary; It's a race to the edge. Who can jump first?

They all remember it too clearly.

The way she turned to the officer with wide brown eyes. The way her mouth opened half a centimeter. The way he mumbled, “Sorry.” The way she is tip-toeing towards the edge and staring off into the burning, gray empty.

Funny how the guy was so filled with fire. It killed him.

Sorry for your loss.

One strike. He’s out.

Funny, right?

They couldn’t seem to cross the room fast enough—she toes a pebble over the rim, watching it fall.

Orphan Annie breaks down without a sound.

Her insides were being scraped out—clean. Until she was sparkling white, a blank slate—she wants to fall.

Mori reached her first. She stared at the door, shut. She looked for hope in heavy wood. She feels someone pull her back. Don’t fall. You were meant to fly.

The fire broke her wings. What now?

Without a noise she let herself be crushed into his chest. The buttons of his jacket painted pink circles across her papery cheeks. His hold was gentle—firm. She has to face this.

Don’t make me.

The fire didn’t break your spirit…

Did it?

Hani got there second. She warily watched the blue canvas of Mori’s uniform as she tasted the boy’s movements. He climbed Mori like a tree and when he brushed back her bangs from above—it was like an angel with a curse. It was the touch against her bare skin, burning. It was salvation. He could feel it through her hair—that searing something that was exploding against the backs of her eyes over and over.

The faces ache.

She looked—longingly at the emptiness—like a ghost in black and blue. Butterfly bruises brushed over her heart.

There are faces
—she echoed—in the pain. There’s this—something. Laughing. Taunting. It hurts.

She tried to tell them. Something had turned her vocal chords into tangles.

Hikaru and Kaoru tied for third.

They both got her from behind, around the shoulders, and without hesitation Hikaru’s lips landed on her temple and Kaoru murmured some sort of sweet lie into her ear. It’ll be okay, as a storm settles overhead. …Emptiness burns. And it’s not quite empty.

There was a tangle of limbs and beauty and blue and greed.

She was there with her values, but she was just— Limp. Numb. Staring.

The thunder comes when a pause cuts the clouds.

She was supposed to know them—she was supposed to feel Tamaki pushing everyone away.

Orphan Annie lost her wings. And what the
hell’s he doing hanging back at a time like this?

Funny, huh?

Kyoya made an easy forth.

There are faces in the thunderclouds. The lightning cackles.

She could feel him drop his clipboard when his hand reached her neck, thumb brushing back and forth. And of course she hadn’t moved since the officer left. Something trickled in the back of her mind. Something shot needles through her bones.

…She turns her back on the empty edge to nothing—abruptly, suddenly, falling seems stupid.


And it’s funny, right?

God knows they’ll jump after her.

And, they were supposed to know him, so naturally, after a few seconds everyone realized the same thing.

Mori stepped back, taking Hani with him. Kyoya reached for his clipboard, listening to the echoed clicking through the music room as the clock seemed to come back to life.

Who remembered it dying?

The twins, however, held on tight, clinging to the walls of their narrow world—such a narrow sky is above her, a tiny break in the clouds. She looks at her bare feet in the sand. –She searches for something.

Something was curling her toes.

And finally, finally Tamaki stepped forward from his place by the door. He looked a little tortured. “Haruhi…?” he whispered brokenly.

No one looked at him.

Her back was still turned as the twins took three deep breaths in unison (1, 2, 3—he’s out), and finally let her go.

Let her go.

She wobbled on her feet with out them.

Everyone took half a step towards her before she steadied herself.

Orphan Annie stares at the sky… and it’s narrow—but it’s bright.

Tamaki still hadn’t moved. The baka king didn’t learn.

And in the silence, there was Kaoru of all people—as he studied the road between the two of them—where the carriage doesn’t dare to go or shatter the fairytale. Get rid of it, he urged silently. It’s killing her.

Speak of the devil, fake beauty clouds her vision briefly.

The fire didn’t break her spirit.

It’s sort of funny.


“Haruhi… Are you…?” the king trailed off, feeling his throne crumble away from beneath him.

Haruhi’s shoulders stiffened in an instant.

After clearing his throat, he tried again, “…Are you—”

She whirled to face him with burning eyes, daring him to get rid of it.

The fairy tale eats at Orphan Annie and he can break it but he won’t.

He looked down, his faintly violet gaze pulling away with heaviness no one had seen in him before.

And she fell down, knees knocking the tile with a deafening crack.

Hani squeaked, Mori tensed, Hikaru yelled, Kaoru closed his eyes, Kyoya froze, but

—Tamaki reached her first.


Yeeeeeeeeeeah... I don't know either. This is just a random piece of nothing. That I wrote very late. -coughhackcough- I don't feel like posting it at FF.nazi right now, so... Livejournal is getting stupid crap dumped on it.

Does it make sense?


Does it say things that have nothing to do with the point of the whole oneshot-y thing?


Do I like yogurt?

Only sometimes.

z♥ironside on November 8th, 2006 10:54 pm (UTC)
Yoghurt is the god of dairy products. T-T;

& ASDF. Your awesomness never fails to stun. >_<;

First Ouran fanfic I've ever read, actually. But, 'twas awesome! n_n; I love how everyone's included. That's always so cool, since couplings that ignore all other characters .. irk me, in general. Guh .. anyway. Much love ♥ ♥
madcow863 on April 22nd, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
there's nothing I can do to possibly make this seem more ridiculous.

z♥ironside on June 28th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
So months later I come back. It's like watching your AMVs. Better the fifieth time around.

Why is this not on ffnet? D: